Monday, April 27, 2009

Anastasia'a Pranks

When Anastasia didn't want to have her lessons, she hid in a tree. Only her papa could coax her down.
Once Anastasia put a rock in a snowball and threw it at Tatiana, who got hit in the face and knocked out. Little Schwibsik (Anastasia's nickname, Russian for imp) started crying.

I am Olga

I took the quiz at and it turns out I'm OLGA. You are very well-read and love singing and writing poetry. Passionate at whatever you do, there is very little you can't do when you set your mind to it. You are fiercely devoted to your family, and would do much to protect them.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Olga's Poems and Notes

You are filled with anguish
For the suffering of others.
And no one's grief
Has ever passed you by.
You are relentless
Only toward yourself,
Forever cold and pitiless.
But if only you could look upon
Your own sadness from a distance,
Just once with a loving soul -
Oh, how you would pity yourself,
How sadly you would weep.
-Olga Romanov, April 1917

Send us the patience, Father, to support us in this year of dark days and tempests, these persecutions of the people and these tortures of our executioners. Give us the strength, O just God, to pardon the wickedness of our neighbors, and to carry the heavy bloody cross with your humility. And in these riotious days, when our enemies strip us, help us, Saviour God, to suffer the shame and the insults. Master of the world, bless us with your prayer and give the peace to our soul appeased at this terrible hour and unbearable. And at the gates of the tomb, make us born again with the lips of your slaves the superhuman force of humble prayer for our enemies.
- A Prayer Olga Wrote

Tatiana's Dog!

Tatiana had a Boston terrier named Ordino. He was a brave dog who was killed in Yekaterinburg with the rest of the family.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

OTMA's Bro

Alexei Romanov was born in 1904. He had the blood disease hemophilia. His nickname was "Baby", and despite the illness he had, he loved having fun. His sisters gave him their support and love. Alexei died at 14. His body has not yet been found. At left is a formal portrait of him, taken in 1913. The one at right is Anastasia hugging Baby.

The art of OTMA

Apart from being grand duchesses, the girls were good artists.
The watercolor on the left was done by Marie.
The one on the right is also a watercolor done by Anastasia.